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Dokan - MultiVendor Marketplaces Plugin For WordPress

Dokan - MultiVendor Marketplaces Plugin For WordPress v3.5.1

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v3.5.1 Feb 17, 2022
- **fix:** Multiple store open close time wasn't working for Store Open/Close time Widget
- **fix:** [Elementor] Single Store Page template was missing from Elementor template selection dropdown
- **fix:** [Elementor] Product Widgets disappeared from Elementor single Product Page template edit panel
v3.5.0 Feb 03, 2022
- **feat:** [Module] Razorpay Payment Gateway: Accept credit card payments and allow your sellers to get automatic split payment in Dokan via Razorpay
- **feat:** [Module] MangoPay: Enable split payments, multi-seller payments, and other marketplace features given by MangoPay.
- **feat:** [Module] Min Max Quantities: Set a minimum or maximum purchase quantity or amount for the products of your marketplace.
- **feat:** [Module] Product Advertising: Admin can earn more by allowing vendors to advertise their products and give them the right exposure.
- **feat:** [Store Support] Added Store Support for site admin.
- **feat:** Added support for Multiple store open close time for vendor store.
- **feat:** Automatic withdrawal disbursement.
- **feat:** Added custom withdraw method support for admin.

- **update:** Updated design for module page.
- **update:** For Store open close time widget, first day of the week will start on according to the WordPress settings.
- **update:** [Store Support] Design updated on vendor dashboard store support page and customer dashboard support page.
- **update:** Compatibility with latest release of Rank math SEO.
- **update:** [Booking] Added support for "=" symbol while creating range and setting up the cost while creating a bookable product.
- **update:** [Booking] Set the minimum allowed value for 'Minimum booking window ( into the future )' to zero(0).
- **update:** Updated some admin notices for better readability.
- **update:** [Geolocation] Added a search button under geolocation shortcode to search store/product via geolocation, also removed auto reload features for this form.
- **update:** Updated Dokan Free Shipping minimum amount calculation based on WooCommerce (compatibility with latest version).
- **update:** [StoreSupport] Added date range filtering option for vendor support tickets listing.
- **update:** [StoreSupport] Added support tickets count under My Account page.
- **update:** [ProductEnquiry] reCAPTCHA support added to product enquiry form.
- **update:** [Auction] Added Back Navigation button from auction activity list, also fixed a typo.

- **fix:** Switching subscription plan doesn't work if Paypal Marketplace module is active has been fixed.
- **fix:** Coupon was not expiring at exact expiry date.
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Delivery date label wasn’t displaying on frontend checkout page, now has been fixed.
- **fix:** Fixed button width mismatch under vendor dashboard report page.
- **fix:** [Auction] Starting bidding price was not resetting for Re-listing auction products, now has been fixed.
- **fix:** Shipping methods are not available when both digital and physical products are in the cart, now has been fixed.
- **fix:** [Product Subscription] Shipping functionality is not working when vendor create subscription product from vendor dashboard, now has been fixed.
v3.4.4 Dec 23, 2021 Thanks To @TassieNZ
- **fix:** SEO section is not appearing while the latest Yoast SEO plugin (17.8) is installed and activated #1658
- **fix:** Refund not working if order has sub order #1656
v3.4.3 Dec 15, 2021
- **update:** [Delivery Time] Now users will not be able to choose time slots that are before the order time #1599
- **update:** [Vendor Subscription] Added sweet alert while canceling a subscription from the vendor dashboard. #1612
- **update:** Redesigned What’s New page design for Dokan Pro changelog
- **update:** [Vendor Subscription] Recurring order support added for subscriptions purchased via PayPal Standard Gateway
- **update:** [Vendor Subscription] Recurring order support added for subscriptions purchased via Dokan Stripe Payment Gateway
- **refactor:** float typecast refactored to wc_format_decimal() #1448
- **fix:** [Wholesale] prevent users to buy products at wholesale prices if they are not wholesale customers. #1607
- **fix:** [Geolocation] Location wasn’t updating if geolocation field was added before and then changed the settings to Same as store. #1615
- **fix:** Fix loading issue while loading Dokan pages when permalink sets to plain text, Also added a notice to instruct users to change permalink setting. #1621
- **fix:** [Auction] Start date and End date" fields from the edit auction product page wasn’t saving when users have not previously provided these fields data. #1622
- **fix:** Show all variation products in admin dashboard -> coupon vendor restriction section #1626
- **fix:** [Rank Math SEO] Compatibility issue with latest version of Rank Math SEO plugin #1633
- **fix:** Some string are not translating, now has been fixed #1627
- **fix:** Fixed Some deprecated warning #1642
- **fix:** Category dropdown list in Dokan Live Search was invisible in the Dokani theme. added an id to the element to add proper css in the Dokani theme to make it visible #1616
- **fix:** When variable products are edited using the bulk edit feature of the vendor dashboard, it resets the product status and switches product type to Simple. This issue has been fixed now #1644
v3.4.2 Nov 30, 2021
- **new:** [Booking] Added accommodation booking for Booking module
- **new:** [Table Rate Shipping] Added distance rate shipping under table rate shipping module
- **new:** [Auction] Added downloadable and virtual product support for auction module
- **new:** [Store Support] Added searching and filtering for support tickets from vendor dashboard
- **new:** Added manual refund button for both admin and vendors. Admin and seller can use this feature to record manual refund.
- **new:** Added a new order note for payment gateways other than Dokan payment gateways.
- **new:** Added API refund support for payment gateways other than Dokan payment gateways. Based on admin settings, if admin approves a refund request, this will be also processed from corresponding payment gateway.
- **new:** [Delivery Time] Made delivery time fields required under checkout page, also added a settings page to make these fields required.
- **update:** Caching Enhancement and Fixes
- **update:** [Store Support] Display user display name instead of username under Get Support popup form.
- **update:** [Store Review] Display user display name instead of username under Store Review popup form.
- **update:** Added necessary tooltip for various Dokan settings.
- **update:** Replaced vendor dashboard dash icons with fontAwesome icons, this was causing conflict with some third party plugins
- **fix:** Disabled bulk action product edit/delete, inline product edit/delete if vendor is not enabled for selling
- **fix:** [Elementor] Fix a conflict with Elementor module and Vendor Analytics module. (Single store page layout was broken)
- **fix:** [Import/Export] Existing categories wasn’t importing while importing products
- **fix:** [Store Support] Fixed WPML conflict for various links (some links wasn’t working if site language is other than English)
- **fix:** Store category search option was throwing error on console
- **fix:** CSV import form is not working when multisite is enabled
- **fix:** Saving announcement as draft wasn’t working
- **fix:** Vendor coupon wasn’t working for variation products
v3.3.9 Oct 13, 2021
- **feat:** [Auction] Added auction activity feature for vendors
- **new:** Added two new filter hooks named dokan_pro_scripts and dokan_load_settings_content_shipping so that some feature can be extended via theme authors
- **update:** [PayPal Marketplace] Added 60+ new country supports for Dokan PayPal Marketplace module.
- **update:** [Geolocation] Detect user geo location automatically
- **fix:** [PayPal Marketplace] Vendors, previously, could not purchase any product if they are subscribed to a vendor subscription plan, which has now been fixed
- **fix:** [Delivery Time] Vendor dashboard’s Store Settings form fields were not saving if delivery time module was enabled
- **fix:** [Geolocation] Fixed search filter URL redirect issue. Previously, when a user submitted Dokan geolocation filter form, it was redirecting in the current page URL instead of the Store listing page.
- **fix:** [Product Inquiry] Vendor Contact form didn't contain “Reply To” email address when a customer would contact a vendor via the product inquiry form. Issue has been resolved now.
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