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Jnews Premium Wordpress Theme

Jnews Premium Wordpress Theme v10.7.8.

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Version 10.0.6 : 7 December 2021
- [NEW FEATURE] Capability to enable/disable ads in specific posts
- [NEW FEATURE] Capability to remove ads for subscribe or unlock user
- [NEW FEATURE] Override post template by category
- [BUG] Fix Icon Pencil issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Extended Category Option v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v10.0.1
v10.0.5 : 2 December 2021
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add hooks to social callback url
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add HTML element to drawer content
- [BUG] Fix Below Mobile Header Menu Background Color issue
- [BUG] Fix excerpt showing shortcode
- [BUG] Fix image upload conflict with litespeed plugin
- [BUG] Fix SERP publish time issue
- [BUG] Fix toggle button Vafpress issue
- [BUG] Fix widget issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom button got reset when scrolling on mobile device
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Meta Header v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Login v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.2
Version 10.0.4 : 23 November 2021
- [IMPROVEMENT] Add WPML view counter query
- [IMPROVEMENT] Optimized Script Loader to use Exclude scripts from Autoptimize
- [IMPROVEMENT] WP Bakery column gap compatibility
- [BUG] Bring account page `get_current_page()` functions back
- [BUG] Fix a non-numeric value issue
- [BUG] Fix ajax query duplicate post issue.
- [BUG] Fix Breadcrumb section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix email share issue
- [BUG] Fix Gallery section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix gravatar URL in AMP mode
- [BUG] Fix Hero Block issue in IOS
- [BUG] Fix jetpack view counter only returns last 30 days view
- [BUG] Fix missing translation datepicker
- [BUG] Fix Pay Writer section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix random ads position issue on elementor module
- [BUG] Fix registration default role issue
- [BUG] Fix Review section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix script ads not working on sticky sidebar
- [BUG] Fix shortcode ads issue in script ads options
- [BUG] Fix social share issue on video post template
- [BUG] Fix Split Post Bottom Navigation issue
- [BUG] Fix Split Post section on RTL mode
- [BUG] Fix video playlist embed code issue
- [BUG] Fix view counter not update on cached page
- [BUG] Fix view counter notice issue
- [BUG] Fix Weather Forecast Cache not working
- [BUG] Fix widget from another plugin issue
- [BUG] Fix WPForms input select issue
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - AMP v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Breadcrumb v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gallery v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Pay Writer v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Review v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Split v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Weather v10.0.1
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v10.0.3: 15 October 2021
- [BUG] Fix issue zoom button class always appears even when the zoom button is disabled.
- [BUG] Fix speed booster console error, update jquery exclusion to include WordPress 5.6 jquery.min.js.
- [BONUS] I included both nulled and clean copies if you may need to customize it on your end.
v10.0.2 : 13 October 2021
- [IMPROVEMENT] Update license system callback for custom admin url
- [BUG] Fix module view meta issue
- [BUG] Fix warning PHP notice on page asset loader
- [BUG] Fix missing translation in view counter plugin
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v10.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - View Counter v10.0.1
v9.0.6 : 21 September 2021
- [IMPROVEMENT] Update animated webp
- [IMPROVEMENT] Elementor: '_content_template' is deprecated, use `content_template()` instead
- [BUG] Fix warning undefined index in Elementor editor
- [BUG] Fix deprecated block_categories hook
- [BUG] Fix module latest modified filter option
- [BUG] Fix Share Title issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom button issue
- [BUG] Fix: Undefined index warning message in JNews - Essential
- [BUG] Fix Video Only post format when sorted by View Counter issue
- [BUG] Fix zoom issue on using floating share bar.
- [BUG] Remove unsupported featured image module gallery size option.
- [BUG] Fix Main Menu with Gutenberg plugin issue
- [BUG] Fix Paywall error on WP Bakery frontend editor
- [BUG] Fix Footer Menu in Safari
- [BUG] Fix preview video in post editor (admin dashboard), cannot preview if URL has a parameters
- [BUG] Fix preview video if is a URL (submit post in admin dashboard, and check in frontend submit)
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Video v9.0.5
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Paywall v9.0.3
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Essential v9.0.2
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Instagram v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Podcast v9.0.4
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Gutenberg v9.0.1
- [PLUGIN] Update JNews - Social Share v9.0.2
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