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Rank Math Pro - SEO Plugin for Wordpress

Rank Math Pro - SEO Plugin for Wordpress v3.0.14 Pro - v1.0.91 Free

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v3.0.14 June 15, 2022 (Pro)
Added: [HUGE!] New option to set start and end date to Schedule a Redirection
Improved: Made several improvements in the Redirection code to make it LIGHTER
Fixed: Removed the deprecated image properties from the News Sitemap
Fixed: Searching post by title was not working on the Site Analytics page
Fixed: Filter posts by Schema type was not working well
Fixed: PHP error on some setups in the CSV file generated from the Import & Export settings
Fixed: Data sorting option was not working well after searching a keyword on the Rank Tracker page

v1.0.91 June 15, 2022 (Free)
Added: [HUGE!] Synced Content Analysis tests with the recommendations provided by the Content AI
Improved: Added a new column on the Redirections page to show the Created date of the redirect
Improved: Search Preview & Mobile Search Preview shown in the SEO Analysis tool
Improved: Image SEO code to make it FASTER
Fixed: Some string translations were not working well
Fixed: Unable to connect account when WordPress is installed in a subfolder
Fixed: Connect to Rank Math account was not working properly when the URL contained special characters
Fixed: Debug Redirections option was not working well
Fixed: Some Schema properties were missing in the EDD Product Schema
Fixed: Analytics data was not getting imported correctly when domain property was selected in the Site Profile
Fixed: The maintenance page created using Elementor editor was not working well when the Rank Math plugin is active on the site
Fixed: Hash links added in the Elementor Accordion were counted as internal links
Fixed: JS errors on the Categories list page
v3.0.12 May 20, 2022 (Pro)
Added: New option in the Rank Tracker to delete all the tracked keywords
Added: New option in Index Status tab to send the index request to Google when the Fast Indexing plugin is active on the site
Removed: Deprecated properties from Video Sitemap. You can read more about it here
Fixed: Schema template page was showing warnings in the console on some setups
Fixed: News & Video Sitemap was not updating when a scheduled post was published
Fixed: Incompatibility with the Bimber theme
Fixed: Reordering of Focus keywords was not working in the Elementor editor
Fixed: Rank Tracker was not working in WordPress v5.8
Fixed: Schema Markup tab in Setup Wizard was showing wrong schema types for the Locations post type

v1.0.89.1 May 21, 2022 (Free)
* Fixed: [Content AI](https://rankmath.com/kb/how-to-use-content-ai/#num-6-5-media-count) was not detecting the images present in the content area
* Fixed: Content AI was crashing the editor on some setups when the site was not connected to Rank Math account
* Fixed: Some sites were showing PHP warning after the last update
v3.0.11 May 4, 2022
Added: [HUGE!] Rank Math now supports Google Analytics 4
Added: Option to create GA4 property with one click
Removed: [IMPORTANT] Cookieless Tracking option as it will not work with the GA4
Added: Index Status data in the Single Post Analytics reports
Fixed: Google Trends was not working in the Elementor editor
Fixed: Deselecting a keyword in the Google Trends was not working
Fixed: Undefined PHP error related to Analytics Module on some setups
v1.0.87 April 12, 2022
Added: Close button to permanently hide the Analytics Stats bar from the frontend
v3.0.10 April 7, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Introducing Stats Bar. Now, you can view Analytics stats on the frontend
Added: Option to search a keyword in the Rank Tracker
Fixed: Content length test was showing the wrong recommended number of words on WooCommerce/EDD Product pages on non-English sites
Fixed: Sitemap was showing an error on some setups when the Include Images from the ACF fields option was enabled
Fixed: Duplicate keywords were getting added in the Rack Tracker when the keyword case was different
v3.0.9 March 23, 2022

Added: [New!] SEO details in the Post column will now also show the Search Traffic & Search Impression data if the Analytics Module is on
Added: Mobile Usability Issues section in the Index Status report
Improved: "Activate the PRO version" notice was showing the invalid activation link on some setups
Fixed: Robots.txt state label in the Index Status
Fixed: Bulk editing was showing an undefined error on some setups
Fixed: Pagination was not working well on the Index Status page after selecting a filte
v3.0.8 March 9, 2022
  • Added: [HUGE!] Google URL Inspection API Integration in our Analytics Module, now you can see current Index Staus, Earned Rich Results, Errors & Warnings from Google directly in your WordPress backend!
  • Improved: Made several code improvements
  • Fixed: MySQL error due to mismatch in Analytics table collations
  • Fixed: PHP error on some setup after connecting Analytics account
v3.0.7 February 23, 2022
Added: [NEW!] Dedicated Content Analysis tests for WooCommerce & EDD Products
Fixed: Google Analytics and Adsense data was not updating when updating the data manually from General Settings
Fixed: On non-English sites, wrong schema icons were shown on the Analytics page
v1.0.82.1 [Feb 11, 2022]
* Fixed: WooCommerce Variable products with the query string in URL were not working well when the [Remove Product Base](https://rankmath.com/kb/general-settings/#remove-base) option was enabled
v3.0.6 February 9, 2022
  • Improved: Plugin performance by removing duplicate queries
  • Improved: Made several significant code improvements in the Analytics Module that have made the plugin even FASTER and lighter
  • Fixed: Incompatibility with the WP Schema PRO plugin
  • Fixed: Sitemap was not showing the Images added in the ACF’s Flexible content field
  • Fixed: Bottom Center thumbnail overlay position was not working
  • Fixed: JS errors appearing on Analytics page for some installations
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