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Recordit Naijakit WordPress Theme

Recordit Naijakit WordPress Theme 2021-09-14

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A Multipurpose Music, Radio, Podcast & Events Theme for bloggers in the music, radio, podcast and event niche.


This theme has several homepage designs, including Naijakit mobile homepage.


7. 100% automated.

8. Change background color.

9. Change primary color without editing templates.

10. Artist page.

11. Track post type.

12. Album post type.

13. Gallery.

14. Radio, podcast, music.


How to Install Theme?​

To install theme first you must have a working WordPress site, make sure you follow the instructions step by step.If you have trouble installing WordPress read this tutorial.
There are two ways to install theme.

Installing Theme Via WordPress​

  • Via WordPress – Log in into the admin area, navigate through Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload and select the .zip file you downloaded and finally click on Install Now
Style.css Missing ErrorIf your getting error that style.css missing. Kindly upload theme using ftp.

Installing Theme Via FTP​

  • Via FTP – The other way is by FTP, log in into your site’s FTP through a FTP Client and go into the WordPress installation directory and then navigate to: /wp-content/themes/ and upload the silicon folder here. After the uplad is complete go to Appearance > Themes into your admin area, you will see theme there, hit Activate to activate currently installed theme

Install and activate Required or Recommended Plugins​

After theme activation, you may see a notice like this. 32 Click at ‘Begin installing Plugins’
33 On next screen you will see.
3 Lets verify that all plugins are installed and activated. Kindly reinstall or reactivated a plugin if it fails to download.

How to Import Demo Data?​

After installing theme you have to configure theme and fill in demo content (importing data and theme options code).

1 Click Import​

Please check following screenshot to import data quickly with 1 click.

Manual Import​

Log in into the admin area, navigate through Tools > Import > WordPress and install WP-importer plugin, if you don’t have it. Choose demo-data.xml file from your theme package and click Upload. Don’t forget to check “Upload attachment files”!

How to Update WordPress Theme?​

There are two methods to update your theme
1:- Using Envato Took Kit
2:- Using FTP

Using Envato Took Kit​

This is the easist way to update your theme any time. You need an API key for this. Kindly check following screenshot and generate an API key.

Kindly install and activate Envato WordPress Toolkit. Its already included in theme. And now open tool kit page. Enter your envato username and API key and save settings.Its recommended to make a backup for old files.
After saving settings you will see list of themes you have downloaded and it will also show you update notifications.

Using FTP​

Using FTP you can upload new files and replace with old folder. (Make a backup for old files before replace)

When and How to use Child theme?​

Why Child Theme​

If you want to change something which is not available in themeoptions panel. You may need to make changes in theme files. But when you will update theme you will lose your changes. So in that case child theme is very useful for you.

How to Install Child Theme​

After installing Werock as instruction given above. Log in into your site’s FTP through a FTP Client and go into the WordPress installation directory and then navigate to: /wp-content/themes/ and upload the child theme folder here. After the upload is complete go to Appearance > Themes into your admin area, you will see child theme there, hit Activate to activate currently installed child theme.

How to use Child Theme​

Now make changes in any file of theme and upload to child theme folder and its done. If you are going to update theme just update parant theme.

Setup Permalinks Structure (404) Errors​

We request you to setup permalinks structure to avoid 404 errors. And if your 404 page is also not displaying you must have to setup permalinks to fix it according to following screenshot.

Posts and Custom Post Types​

Add New Post​

  • Click the Posts tab.
  • Click the Add New Sub Tab.
  • Start filling in the blanks. You can Use our Shortcodes!
  • As needed, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the post. Each of these sections is explained below.
  • When you are ready, click Publish.

Custom Post Types​

All custom post types work same as default wordpress posts/pages. Just select a post type and Add New Post:
  • Click the Posts tab
  • Click the Add New Sub Tab
  • Start filling in the blanks.
  • As needed, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the post.
  • When you are ready, click Publish.
To add mega menu kindly check Manage Menu Section.

Manage Sidebar Widgets​

Setup WordPress Default Widgets
  • Click Appearance tab.
  • Click Widgets Sub Tab.
  • There you can find different sidebars for footer part.
  • Drag and Drop any widget you like in the appropriate sidebar. 20

How to Add Tracks​

Please follow these steps to add a new track.
First of all, add a new category for your tracks.

Now let’s Add New Track

Attach an album or artist with a track

Generate waveform​

You can use the audio waveform program. For example:
audiowaveform -i some-file.mp3 --pixels-per-second 10 -b 8 -o some-file.json
If you are getting error while uploading file then you may need to add following line in your wp-config.php of wordPress installation.

Enable Ajax​

Enable ajax from Customizer

Enable Player​

Enable player from customizer

Genre Page Setup​

First, create a page with Track Genre template.

Now Go to track categories and some parent and child categories and assign child categories to a track. It will not visible on Genre page unless you assign a category.

Setup Playlist​

To setup a playlist your tracks must have a category. Then go to Appearance > Customize > Rekord Setting and you will find playlist settings option.

How to Setup Top Menu​

The top menu is added in version 1.3.7
Please go to customizer and click at menu settings.

Now Select Rekord Menu Settings

Select Settings and publish changes.

Theme Skin & Color Option​

In order to change color and skin please go to Customize > Colors

How to setup Home Page?​

To setup home page click at “Settings > Reading” in your dashboard. Under “Front page displays” clcik at “A static page (select below)” and select “Home” from dorpdown as “Front page” and for “Posts page” select any of blog template of your choice. As you can see in following screenshot

Podcast Home Page​

To setup podcast page as home page please save settings as below

Change Podcast Home Page Banner​

To change the home page banner go to pages and edit the page with elementor and please follow these steps.

Setup Elementor Home / Template​

Please check the following screenshots to add a template like a demo if you have not imported dummy content. Edit your page with elevator and select page template first.

open saved templates

Insert your template and update and publish page.

Setup Login / Register Page​

In order to set up a login and register pages
Please go to Customize > Rekord Settings> Frontend Settings and enable front end login

For Register, you can use any plugin you want and just assign a page here.
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