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Ultimate Member Premium Plugin

Ultimate Member Premium Plugin v2.2.5

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Ultimate Member offers a range of features including user profiles, member directories, user registration/login, user role editing, content restriction.

Over 200,000 websites use Ultimate Member to power their online community & membership sites.



Users can easily register and become members all from the front-end of your site. Logged in users will never see the admin dashboard and will have no idea they are on a WordPress site.

  • Registration status​

    Decide a person’s status after registering on your site. You can allow users to be auto-approved, require email activation or be manually approved by the admin.

  • Registration action​

    You can select the action that is taken after a person registers on your site. You can redirect them to their profile or redirect them to a custom url.

  • Role assignment​

    You can assign a user role to a registration form so that anyone who registers using that form will automatically be assigned that specific role.

  • Multiple registration forms​

    You can create multiple registration forms for your site so each user role has a unique registration form.

  • Role selection​

    You can add a role selector field to the register form so users can select the role they want before they register.

  • Default user role​

    You can assign a user role to be the default user role when users sign up on your site.


With Ultimate Member users can effortlessly login from the front-end of your site

  • Password reset link​

    The login form provides a forgot password link which will take users to the password reset form if they have forgotten their password.

  • Customizable​

    The login form is fully customizable including: changing button text, hiding the register button from login form, applying custom styling and much more.

  • Anti-spam measures​

    The login forms automatically come with triple anti-spam protection which includes: a hidden honeypot field, time delay on submit button and WordPress nonces.

User Profiles​

Add beautiful user profiles to your WordPress site which can be fully customized to your site’s specific requirements

  • Custom appearance​

    The user profiles are fully customizable so you can give your profiles a unique look including changing the cover photo aspect ratio, profile photo shape and much more.

  • Remove cover photos​

    Don’t want cover photos? Ultimate Member provides an alternative user profile design if you do not want to include cover photos on the profile.

  • User info​

    You can highlight important user info in the header section of profile by selecting from your specific fields from your fields list. If left blank no user info will show in header.

  • User bio​

    The profile header also includes a user bio area where users can write a short description about themselves. This can be turned off if you don’t need user bios.

  • Display name​

    You can select the display name for users on your site. The plugin offers a range of options you can choose from including: username; first and last name and others.

  • Profile permalinks​

    You can select what slug appears in the url when viewing user’s profiles. You can select to show: username, first and last name or user id.

User Roles​

With Ultimate Member you can create multiple user roles and give each role its own permissions and capabilities making the plugin the perfect choice if you are creating a site that requires more than one user type.

  • Administrative permissions​

    Allows you to decide whether a role can have admin privileges such as access to wp-admin. If they can’t access the wp-admin the WP toolbar at top of site will not appear.

  • General permissions​

    Choose whether you want a role to be able to edit or delete their own profiles. E.g you can stop users from being able to delete their own account if only the admin can delete accounts.

  • Profile access​

    Decide whether a role can view other user’s profiles or only certain role profiles. Very useful if you want to limit which user roles are be able to view other profiles.

  • Homepage​

    Decide whether a user role can view your site’s homepage when logged in. If not, you can set a url where they will be redirected to if they try to access the homepage. Useful if your homepage is a landing page for sign ups.

  • Registration​

    Decide whether a user role can automatically register on your site, needs to click an activation link in an email or requires manual admin approval. You can also decide what happens after they register including custom url redirection.

  • Login​

    Allows you to choose what happens after a user with this role logins to your site. You can direct them to their profile, a custom url, refresh the active page or to the WordPress admin.

  • Logout​

    Allows you to choose what happens after a user with this role logouts of your site. You can redirect them to your site’s homepage or to a custom url.

  • Delete​

    Allows you to choose what happens after a user with this role deletes their account. You can redirect them to your site’s homepage or to a custom url.

Member Directories​

Allow users to find each other with ease using our advanced member directories

  • Display certain roles​

    You can select which user roles to show in the member directory. Any users who don't have that role(s) will be excluded from showing in the directory.

  • Profile/cover photos​

    You can decide to only show users in the directory who have uploaded a custom profile photo and/or cover photo.

  • Sort users​

    You can decide what order to show users in and the plugin provides a range of sort options including: newest users first, oldest users first, first name, last name.

  • Show/hide cover photos​

    You can choose to show/hide cover photos from showing on the member directory. You can also hide profile photos.

  • Display user info​

    You can show user information on the member directory and show this information by default or in a reveal section.

  • Social icons​

    You can choose to show social icons for each user on their profile card on the directory. These social icons are linked to the social fields in the pre-defined field list.

  • Search options​

    You can turn on search filters if you want users to be able to perform a custom search of other users. You can also restrict the ability to certain user roles.

  • Search filters​

    Select the number of filters you want to show by selecing from a list of your custom fields and the predefined fields.

  • Profile cards per page​

    You can select how many profile cards to show per page and also select the total number of profile cards to show.

User Accounts​

Allow members to easily manage their own accounts directly from the front-end of your site

  • Account tab​

    The account tab allows users to change their first and last name, as well as updating their email address.

  • Change password tab​

    This tab allows users to change their password. For added security, users must enter their original password before they can change their password.

  • Privacy tab​

    This tab allows users to control their profile’s privacy. User’s can make their profile private and they can also hide their profile from showing in member directories.

  • Delete account​

    This tab allows users to delete their own accounts. For added security, users must enter their password before deleting their account.

  • Disable tabs​

    As an admin you can disable certain tabs from showing on the account page. E.g you can stop users from changing their password by disabling the change password tab.

Access Controls​

Ultimate Member allows you to restrict access to your site both globally and on a per/page post basis

  • Global site access​

    You can decide to make your whole site available to everyone or restrict the whole site to logged in members.

  • Per page/post​

    You can override global access rules by applying custom access rules on a page/post basis.

  • Logged in users​

    You can restrict pages/posts so that only logged in users can see them. You can set a redirect url which will redirect logged out users to if they try and access the page. You can also restrict pages/posts to certain user roles.

  • Logged out users​

    You can restrict pages/posts so that only logged out users see them. You can set a redirect url which will redirect logged in users to if they try and access the restricted page/post.

  • Everyone​

    You can make pages/posts visible to everyone e.g logged in and logged out users.

  • Lock homepage​

    You can restrict access to the homepage for logged in members if your homepage is a landing page for sign ups. You can set a redirect url for each role so each user role can be redirected to a custom page if they try access the homepage.

Custom Fields​

Ultimate Member provides a range of form field types that will allow you to collect a wide range of data from users. The plugin also has a collection of pre-defined fields that come automatically installed with the plugin to allow you to create forms faster.

  • Tooltips​

    You can add help text to fields which will appear in a tooltip on larger devices and below the label on mobile devices.

  • Privacy​

    You can set a privacy level for each field type. You can make it so a field is viewable by everyone, members, specific member roles or to profile owner and admins only.

  • Field editing​

    You can make it so certain fields cannot be edited by the user. This is useful if you want to provide a user with information on their profile but you don’t want them to be able to change or remove it.

  • Required fields​

    It is possible to make certain fields required before a form can be submitted.

  • Conditional logic​

    You can apply conditional logic to any field to make them show/hide depending on a user’s action on a form.

  • Error messages​

    If a user incorrectly submits a form they will be shown an error message showing the error e.g username is already taken.

  • File uploads​

    You can decide which file types are allowed to be uploaded by the user and also specify a maximum file size.

  • Password field​

    You can force users to create a strong password, specify the min and max characters for the password and show a confirm password field.

  • Image uploads​

    You can specify what image types are allowed, set a max image upload size and turn on cropping (1:1 ratio and user defined ratio).

  • Date picker​

    You can set date range and year selection, decide what date format to show and disable specific days of the week from being selected.

  • Time picker​

    You can allow users to choose a certain time in the day with this field. You can use either 12 hour or 24 hour format and set a time interval.

  • Star rating​

    You can decide whether to use a 5 or 10 star rating system and also select a default star rating to show on profile.

  • Pre-defined fields​

    The plugin comes with a list of pre-installed common fields which allows you to quickly build your forms

  • Custom fields​

    Fields you create will be saved to the custom field area where you can re-use the fields on other forms.

  • Other elements​

    You can also create content blocks, dividers and shortcodes to help you customize the look and functionality of the forms.

Form Builder​

Ultimate Member’s drag and drop form builder makes it extremely easy to create unique registration, login, and profile forms for your site.

  • Multi-column layout​

    The form builder allows you to create a rows that have a one, two or three column layout

  • Re-order form elements​

    With the form builder you can move and re-order any element by simpling dragging and dropping it where you would like it to go.

  • Rows​

    You can add multiple rows to your forms and give each row it’s own styling and header.


Ultimate Member provides customizable email templates for each email that can be sent to users after a certain event/trigger happens. The plugin provides extra flexibility by allowing you to activate/deactivate each email type from being sent to users.

  • Account welcome email​

    This email will be sent to users after they have successfully become a member of your site.

  • Account activation email​

    This email will be sent to users if they are required to activate their account after registering on your site.

  • Pending review email​

    This email will be sent to users who are awaiting for their account to be approved by an admin.

  • Account approved email​

    This email will be sent to users after their account has been approved by an admin.

  • Account rejected email​

    This email will be sent to users after their account has been rejected by an admin.

  • Account deactivated email​

    This email will be sent to users if their account has been deactivated by an admin.

  • Account deleted email​

    This email will be sent to users after they delete their own account.

  • Password reset email​

    This email will be sent to users if they have requested to reset their password.

  • Email tags​

    The plugin allows you to add email tags to the email templates to personalize the emails e.g {display_name}.

Nav Menu Visibility​

Our conditional menu feature allows you to display different menu links depending on who is viewing your site.

  • Everyone​

    You can make menu links viewable to everyone on your site regardless of whether they are a member or not.

  • Logged out users​

    Make menu links only viewable to people who are not logged in. Perfect for showing register & login links in the menu.

  • Logged in users​

    Show links to only logged in users. You can even show links only to certain user roles.
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