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CheckoutWC - Optimized Checkout Pages for WooCommerce

CheckoutWC - Optimized Checkout Pages for WooCommerce v6.2.4

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v6.2.4 - 2022.02.11
  • Fix - Fix JS error when country field is not present.
  • Fix - Fix issue with payment gateway change handlers that was causing an infinite AJAX refresh
  • Fix - Fix fatal error caused by calling non-static method statically.
  • Fix - Fix potential fatal error with Klarna Payments.
  • Fix - Order failed text is now on the thank you page where it always should have been for those odd situations where a gateway sends someone to the order-received endpoint with a failed order.
  • Fix - Fix improper detection of whether the selected payment gateway changed.
  • Fix - Post code field no longer fires AJAX refresh on keydown to prevent poor UX with improper post code detection
  • Improved - Refactored Google Address Autocomplete functionality to better handle different completion strategies for different countries.
  • Development - Added unit testing for Google Address Autocomplete.
v6.2.3 - 2022.01.14
We have a lot of stuff in the works, but today we're releasing a tasty patch release that fixes some bugs and generally makes CheckoutWC better for everyone.
  • New - Add support for YITH Points and Rewards 3.x
  • Improved - Automatically exclude our JS files from WP Rocket transformations that break things.
  • Improved - Added action before upsells are added to the cart: cfw_before_order_bump_add_to_cart
  • Improved - When rendering a remove item link, we now pass it through the WooCommerce filter so that it picks up changes from other code.
  • Improved - Refactored Google Address Autocomplete service. It's cleaner! It's faster! (maybe) And it's much easier to handle country by country edge cases.
  • Fix - Fix multiple bugs with Checkout Field Editor (official WooCommerce extension)
  • Fix - Clean up jQuery migrate warnings.
  • Fix - Fixes for PayPal for WooCommerce Complete Payments gateway.
  • Fix - Fix bug where error messages were not properly displayed if the error was not output in the form tag.
  • Fix - Fix bugs with Thrive theme.
  • Fix - Aborted AJAX calls are no longer logged as errors.
  • Fix - Eliminated deprecated function call.
  • Fix - Fix bug with Metro theme.
  • Fix - Fixed bug where upsells were not discounted properly after being added to the cart.
  • Fix - Fix bug where the city field was not validated if it was rendered off screen.
v6.2.2 - 2021.12.18
'Tis the season to be conservative about plugin updates!
🎄 If your store is humming along through the holiday rush, you may want to wait a few weeks on this update. But if you like the gifts below, receive them with our blessing. (After careful testing!)
  • Fix - Fix potential fatal error with EU VAT Assistant compatibility module.
  • Fix - Reworked order review step to hopefully allow it to work with more gateways.
  • Fix - Fix JS error when address autocomplete is enabled but there are no address fields.
  • Fix - Debounce scrolling to alerts.
  • Improved - Refactored AJAX actions to use super.error() method and cleaned up unused properties/getters/setters.
v6.2.0/6.2.1 - 2021.12.13
'Tis the season to be conservative about plugin updates!
🎄 If your store is humming along through the holiday rush, you may want to wait a few weeks on this update. But if you like the gifts below, receive them with our blessing. (After careful testing!)
  • Improved - Refactored Order Bumps to distinguish between different types of bumps and separate their logic.
  • Improved - For products visible in the catalog, clicking an order bump's thumbnail will open the product page in a new window.
  • Improved - Added a new function for grabbing all order bumps: cfw_get_all_order_bumps
  • Improved - Added some unit tests to FormAugmenter
  • Improved - Added unit testing to stat collection classes
  • Improved - Added unit test to YITH Composite Products compatibility module
  • Improved - If update_checkout AJAX call fails, display a message letting customers know but return UI to normal state.
  • Improved - If update_checkout AJAX call fails, still trigger payment gateway init and updated_checkout JS event like WooCommerce core does.
  • Improved - If an error notice is already on the page and the same notice is on the next request, briefly animate the error notice with a shaking effect so that customers realize the error still applies.
  • Fix - Fix a loophole that allowed people to get order bump special pricing without qualifying for the bump.
  • Fix - SmartyStreets now works when shipping address is forced to billing address.
  • Fix - Implemented automatic LTR > RTL CSS conversion.
  • Fix - Adjust priority of our assets to avoid a conflict with Divi.
  • Fix - Significant fixes for WP Rocket's handling of WooCommerce fragments and how this affects Side Cart.
  • Fix - Similarly, we made sure side cart works with the popular plugin Disable Cart Fragments.
  • Fix - If an order bump's offer product is on sale, that price is used as the base price for any bump specific discounting.
  • Fix - Fix bug with Free Gifts for WooCommerce that caused the Side Cart not to open when quantity triggered free gift.
  • Fix - Fixes for Order Delivery Date plugin.
  • Fix - Fix for EU VAT Assistant and digital only orders.
  • Fix - Fix bug that prevented order stats from being collected for many sites.
  • Fix - Fix bug with WooFunnels Order Bump Upsells that caused AJAX update loop
  • Fix - When upgrading CheckoutWC, clear WP Rocket's fragment cache
  • Fix - Fix bugs in how cart item data was displayed, particularly with WooCommerce Product Add-ons
  • Fix - Fix bug where quantity of side cart button did not update when cart updated.
  • Fix - Fix potential error if first gateway in session is null
  • Fix - Fix bug with WooCommerce Memberships that caused AJAX calls to fail when restriction mode was set to redirect.
v6.1.7 - 2021.11.19
  • New - Added support for Free Gifts for WooCommerce
  • Improved - Added missing woocommerce_before_thankyou hook
  • Improved - Exclude our JS and CSS from WP Rocket optimizations automatically
  • Improved - Refactored cfw_form_attributes() and added a new filter for adding your own attributes: cfw_form_attributes
  • Fix - Fix bug where invalid post codes did not generate an error message
  • Fix - Fix bug where null cart item data was still displayed on checkout page.
  • Fix - Fix bugs with UK addresses and SmartyStreets
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