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Download Naijaloaded PC/Desktop Theme, August 2020 Edition (FREE VERSION)
Naijaloaded PC/Desktop Theme, August 2020 Edition (FREE VERSION)

Naijaloaded PC/Desktop Theme, August 2020 Edition (FREE VERSION) August 2020

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Finally, the most anticipated upgrade is here.. The latest Naijaloaded PC/ Desktop version, August 2020 edition. This theme is an upgrade of “[MODIFIED] Naijaloaded Desktop WordPress Theme (Cloned on Carrington) Shared!” which is built on the Carrington framework. It’s available for free, click the link to download..
The recent Naijaloaded PC theme, however, requires some Credits to download, as a lot of awesome features, which are available in the mobile version, were added. Both the mobile and PC versions run on the same framework.
Below are the awesome features of the latest version which makes it far superior to the previous one.

Features of the Naijaloaded August 2020 PC Version​

1. Trending Page, Mp3 Page, TV Page, Unlimited color, etc. ..​

Like the mobile versions, the theme supports Trending, Mp3 and TV pages. You can also change colors, just like the mobile versions.

2. Widgets.
3. Sidebar.
4. Auto Header Slider.
5. Supports all colors, like the mobile version.
6. SEO friendly.
7. Sticky Ads. Like mobile.​












Though not necessary, you may want to edit templates. I have made editing simplified, like ABC… If you are using the mobile version, editing this is not different. Everything is different, except some few additional templates. That’s the reason I used this framework so it would be easy for mobile users. Below are the additional templates.

1. headers.php and headers2.php ..​

2. headerslider.php..​

To edit header slider..

3. HeaderAds.php..​

To edit the ads on the header. You can add more ads..

4. Sidebar..​

If you want to add more contents to the sidebar.

5. sidebarAds.php..​

If you want to edit all the sidebar ads and search box.

6. trendingposts.php..​

If you want to edit Trending posts on the sidebar.

7. MusicVideoOfWeek.php..​

To edit music and video of the week on the sidebar.

8. SidebarTrendingPosts.php..​

To edit sidebar Trending posts.

9. SidebarTrendingSongs.php..​

To edit sidebar Trending songs.

10. trendingposts.php..​

To edit new posts..
These are the new templates. Every other thing is the same.
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