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SkyiTech Clone Php Script With Voice Tag Mixer

SkyiTech Clone Php Script With Voice Tag Mixer 2022-01-04

No permission to download


  • 100% Safe From Hackers
  • Auto Mp3 Tags
  • Watermark On All Thumbnails (eg. Category, Singer, Song)
  • Automatic Latest Updates
  • Featured Songs
  • Featured Singers
  • Auto Sitemap Generator
  • User File Uploader
  • Request Zone
  • Full Feature Admin Panel
  • Multiple Admin Maker
  • Bitrate Converter 64kbps 128kbps 192kbps 320kbps
  • Voice Tag Mixer First,Center,Last,End
Demo Screenshot:



First you need to unzip the Skyitech script on server,
And have to import the database backup.
Now note down the database information in a separate place. We’ll need it later.
Now see the file list below and open them one by one.
File list: (Edit Them One by One With Your Database And Site Details)
  1. Index.Php
  2. Skyitech/dbconnect.php
  3. Skyitech/config/databases.yml
  4. Skyitech/config/propel.ini
  5. Skyitech/apps/frontend/config/app.yml
  6. Skyitech/apps/frontend/config/setting.yml
  7. Skyitech/apps/frontend/config/view.yml
  8. Skyitech/apps/frontend/modules/default/actions/actions.class.php
  9. Skyitech/apps/backend/config/app.yml
  10. Skyitech/apps/backend/config/setting.yml
  11. Skyitech/apps/backend/config/view.yml
  12. Skyitech/apps/backend/modules/category/actions/actions.class.php
  13. css/sitename.css
  14. adminpanel/index.php
  15. Skyitech/apps/backend/modules/advt/templates/indexSuccess.php
  16. Siteuploads/advt/siteusername
And change the database information and site information there,
You can also use find And replace option to do it.


★ Auto Mp3 Tag Editing Admin Panel

★ Videos Screenshot Preview

★ Advanced Admin Panel

★ Mp3 Type Convert

★ File List Thumb Preview

★ File List Tag

★ Auto Index With DB

★ Secure Admin Function

★ File Manager In Admin Panel

★ Upload File

★ Advance orders

★ Featured Singer

★ Artist

★ Multi admin Function

★ Mp3 By Rate System : 64 Kbps , 128 kbps , 192 kbps, 320 kbps

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