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Smart Slider 3 PRO & 90+ Templates v3.5.1.3 + Demos

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2022. 01. 14.
  • Feature: New Shape Dividers.
  • Feature: Pagination and Search options in the Dashboard.
  • Feature: The Category default post cover is not available as a variable at the EasyBlog generator.
  • Feature: Download, playback speed and picture in picture options are removed from MP4 videos in the lightbox.
  • Feature: The variable selector is now available at the column and row background colors.
  • Feature: We'll use pointer cursor at the thumbnails to indicate that they're clickable.
  • Feature: Perfmatter compatibility improvements.
  • Feature: WooCommerce generator now only displays those categories, which have at least one product in them.
  • Fix: Images in folder generator now properly fetches the images if a full path is set.
  • Fix: If WebP image is selected as slide background or as a layer image, the resize options will optimize this picture as well.
  • Fix: Overflow hidden is added to vertical thumbnails to allow rounded borders.
  • Fix: Don't show arrow in lightbox when the Backgrounds in Lightbox feature is used and there's only one slide.
  • Fix: Firefox changed the default background color of the select tag, which creates less contrast between the text and background. We changed it back to white.
  • Fix: The color picker allowed saving a 7 digit color code, which resulted a bad color.
  • Fix: The Play on Load, Plan on and Mode options are removed from the Block type as they require a slider to work properly.
  • Fix: Margin and padding values are not translatable in the Slide editor UI.
  • Fix: BestWebSoftGalleries generator will not display all available categories properly.
  • Fix: Optimize images option now works on full URLs.
  • Fix: The group order at Change group will be alphabetical from now on.
  • Fix: Start delay couldn't adjust the size of the Timeline, which caused the Start delay to display wrong.
  • Fix: The YouTube layer didn't always recognize the URLs properly.
  • Fix: Static Overlay background options caused error when the only slide in the slider is a Static Overlay.
  • Fix: Smart Slider's custom widget area will now properly display the publishing instructions.
  • Fix: Background Blur could show up even if the fill mode was not set to Blur fit.
  • Fix: Countdown layer could produce an hour difference on Joomla.
  • Other: Spanish translation updated. Thanks, Rodrigo!
  • Other: The es_ES.po and renamed to es.po and respectively to support all Spanish languages.
v3.5.1.2 - 2021.11.15.
  • Feature: The old background animations are allowed again when the fill mode is not fill, but anything else.
  • Feature: Private Vimeo video support at the Vimeo generator.
  • Feature: You can now customize the Loading animation delay time.
  • Feature: Countdown layer
  • Fix: Vimeo changed the urls of Private videos! You need to reenter your Private Vimeo video url, to make it work correctly.
  • Fix: Image layer box shadow now shows up in the Slide Editor.
  • Fix: Jevents generator urls could have been wrong in old Jevents versions, or when repeated events weren't set up.
  • Fix: paneWidth control variable now works properly when Single Switch is enabled.
  • Fix: Shape Divider height didn't work properly in editor.
  • Fix: We fixed an error that happened because Elementor has deprecated the _content_template method we used to create our Elementor Widget.
  • Fix: Compatibility fixes with Perfmatters.
  • Fix: The Shape Divider window didn't load if the slider was hidden on mobile.
  • Fix: Before After layer could scroll when the divider was moved.
  • Fix: The old Smart Slider WordPress widget can be moved back to Elementor using the SMART_SLIDER_ELEMENTOR_WIDGET_ALLOWED constant. As a result the sliders won't be missing after the update.
  • Fix: The slider resize didn't always get triggered on mobile when the device was rotated.
  • Fix: The When ended → Go to next slide option will no longer trigger the Scroll to slider behavior at the video layers.
  • Fix: Joomla 4 changed how article images are being stored. The article generator's code was modified to this.
  • Other: Dutch translation added. Thanks, Frank!
  • Other: Spanish translation updated.
v3.5.1.1 - 2021.10.18
  • Feature: New layer, Before After is now available in Pro version.
  • Feature: The aria-role="button" is added to the links which are not used for page navigation. For example the next slide or previous slide action.
  • Feature: Background blur option for the Blur fit fill mode.
  • Feature: You can now set a fallback slider that will display instead of the current slider when the current slider has no published slides.
  • Fix: Elementor will no longer open their own lightbox when ours is used.
  • Fix: Focus is removed from the button after the link action is triggered.
  • Fix: Divi Builder plugin has strong codes so we use a special ss-p tag to display the texts. An issue was fixed related to these ss-p tags that made them display incorrectly.
  • Fix: Focus incorrectly stayed on the arrow after slide switching.
  • Fix: Streamed audio prevented the slider from loading properly in Safari.
  • Fix: Arrows could get highlighted in Safari.
  • Fix: Joomla 4 could display the following PHP Warning: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given.
  • Other: Better handling of the translation files.
  • Other: French translation added. Thanks, Jean-Francois!
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