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Asap Theme 2.1.0 16/03/2022

  • Ahora se puede cargar Google Fonts de manera local y con tan solo un click. Esto mejora el rendimiento del sitio al evitar peticiones externas.
  • Ahora se pueden activar las migas de pan en páginas.
  • Ahora cuando activas el diseño resaltado también se resaltan las últimas entradas del sidebar.
  • Mejoras a nivel código.
  • New listing layout option with highlighted entries. If you enable this option, the first row of entries in the listings on the main page will be displayed with a featured layout. The option can be found in Asap Theme Options > Listing Options.
  • New option to hide categories in breadcrumbs. Now it is possible that in breadcrumbs the entry hangs directly from the home page. The option can be found in Asap Theme Options > Listing options.
  • New option to choose the background color of the Featured Entry banner. The option can be found in Asap Theme Options > Colors.
  • New option to choose the color of the text of the Featured Entry notification. The option can be found in Asap Theme Options > Colors.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow to edit clusters in Gutenberg.
  • Fixed bug that did not take the additional class assigned to clusters in Gutenberg.
  • Fixed layout details and margins in button shortcodes
  • Fixed responsive menu layout details
  • Fixed bug that generated metadata in posts even though Asap Theme post options were empty
  • Now WP Contact Form plugin contact forms are adapted to Asap Theme layout
  • Ahora jQuery es totalmente opcional
  • Nueva opción para activar scroll suave en tabla de contenidos
  • Nueva opción para activar modo mantenimiento sin necesidad de plugins
  • Nueva opción para colocar la palabra o texto que quieras en los avisso de post destacado
  • Nuevo diseño aviso de cookies
  • New feature to optimize YouTube videos. Enabling this option will replace embedded YouTube videos with the thumbnail image of the video. Only the actual YouTube player is called when they are clicked.
  • New YouTube caching and clearing system feature
  • New featured image preload feature. Enabling this option improves PageSpeed LCP metrics.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed embedded posts from Twitter, Instagram and other social networks.
  • Code level improvements
  1. New function to deactivate the header and footer in the whole website. This makes it easier to create custom landing pages.
  2. New feature to disable header and footer on individual posts and pages.
  3. Deferred loading on featured images has been disabled. This improves PageSpeed LCP metrics.
  4. Reduced theme weight by more than 100 KB
  5. Code level improvements
New update!

Very happy to present the new version of Asap Theme.

The new features are.

✔️ Improvements in structured data. Now the full image is displayed in place of the thumbnail and the time of publication is displayed.

✔️ The time of publication is now also shown if you select to show the date in the entries.

✔️ Fixed bug that did not show Youtube videos (Gutenberg).

✔️ Fixed bug that unchecked the selected category when editing an entry by clicking on the Categorisation or Shortocodes option (Classic Editor).

✔️ Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed breadcrumbs based on the selected permalink type

✔️ Code-level improvements
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