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God Loves Muslims More than Christians - Reno Omokri (Video)


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Aug 21, 2021

Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, has dropped a bombshell on Christendom by revealing that God does not love Christians. In a debate with Daddy Freeze, entitled "Daddy Freeze Debates Reno Omokri: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?", Reno argued that God loves Muslims particularly because they are obedient to Him and faithful to their scripture.

Christians, on the other hand, are alien to God, disobedient, unfaithful and impious. He ended his argument by begging Christians not to assassinate him.

Watch the short clip..

Watch the full debate...

His words:

"Christ emphasized faith, He did not emphasize religion. That's why when you read John 3:16, it says that:

"For God so love the world..."

God does not love Christians. In fact, that word "Christian" does not even resonate with God. God loves the world. God loves Muslims. I am telling you, one of the people that God PARTICULARLY loves are Muslims. Why? Because... I'll give you a very good example:

When I was coming back from your own country (referring to Daddy Freeze) I saw a guy looking very, very agitated; he was looking here, he would look here, he would look around. Next thing the guy just... In the middle of this airport, just sat down, brought out mat poom! Put the mat there, enter the mat and began to pray... Muslim prayer. Do you know what the man was looking for? He was looking for a quiet place, a secret place to go and pray, he couldn't find.

How many Christians do you know will love God to that extent? How many Christians?

Let me tell you something, do you know that if the Qur'an tells Muslims you must cut your nose before you can please God, every Muslim will cut their nose. That's how they are...

Muslims are more faithful to their scripture than so-called Christians to their own scripture.

And of this, I have offended enough people. You know please, I am just one man. I have four children. If I am killed, Daddy Freeze will not pay their school fees. So let me not offend more people. Let us end it here please. "
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