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The Demon Queen (True Life Story) 2023 Nigerian Movie - StoreFront Forums

The Demon Queen (True Life Story) 2023 Nigerian Movie


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Apr 20, 2023
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This Is Nigerian Movie, They were against the fact that women were seen as just sex toys, baby factories and for the kitchen duties. The billionaire ladies were after men who see nothing in the women, who are interested in causing pains to the woman when they have wife at home. In their heart were bitterness,
hatred and resentment they feel towards the opposite gender. So they have affluence, they're everywhere, ready to serve it hot to the men just to transfer their riches to their own. They want to make the men suffer for thinking low of the woman... Did they go about the whole thing the right way? let's journey down the movie.

Starring: Ugezu J Ugezu, Eve Esin, Anita Jose.

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