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9jaflaverstore WordPress Beats Selling Theme

9jaflaverstore WordPress Beats Selling Theme 2023-05-06

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Sell music beats, songs and Instrumentals easily on your WordPress site.

1. Install and activate WooCommerce.

2. Install and activate the theme and plugins I sent you.

3. Create genre, track types, and producers' attributes.

How To Create Attributes

1. Go to Products - Attribute - create for Genre, Track Types, and Producers.

Once you are done, click on "Configure terms," which is on the right of the attributes you created.

For instance, if you click on the one for Genre, another page will open titled "Product Genre." You'll now create the types of music genre your store has. Like Afrobeat, Hiphop, etc.

You do the same for track types (eg, beats and songs) and producers (eg, DJ baddo, Wicked Producer, etc)

How to Create and Sell Beats

Creating Beats..

Creating beats is very easy. Go to Products - Add New..

Put the beat's title in product name.
Put description, product image, select product category if it has.

*For Product Data, select "Simple Product."
*Click "Downloadable"
*Put regular price.
*Add the downloadable file of the beat you want to sell.
*Add "Custom Audio Duration" (length of the song, eg 03:21)
*Add "Demo Audio Player Url" (the short demo version of the beat you're selling. Don't share the full beats. Just a part of it for demo)

Switch to the next tab...

*Click "Stock Management"
*In "Stock quantity," put "1"
*Click "Sold individually"

Finally, switch to the attribute tab and add attributes. The ones you created earlier. Then publish.

Selling Beats...

To sell beats, activate and set any payment gateway of your choice.

Add Filter Widget on Homepage

1. Go to Appearance - Widget.
2. Go to the "WooCommerce Ajax Layered Nav" widget.
3. Select "Filter Tab 1 by Pedro" (display type must be tab 1. It must match the widget number).

Do the same for tabs 2 and 3. Tab 3 should be for "Producer"

How to Change Logo and Social Media Details..

Go to "Theme Panel" and put your details in the fields provided.






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