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xclusiveloaded theme

xclusiveloaded theme

  1. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded Theme April 2024 Version

    What's New * Minor modification to improve SEO. * Author Info on author profile, including profile picture, description, social media links. Beautiful UI and responsive design. NOTE: Profile image resolution should be 1200 × 1200. PURCHASE THEME READ MORE INSTRUCTIONS
  2. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded Theme December 2023 Version

    What's New * Cloud tags in content. * Top 20 in content now automated * Pagination for latest posts, aka "for you," to boost SEO. * SEO friendlier. To edit header menu, go to the folder/file - pedro/headermenu.php Other files to edit like header, footer, etc are located in darkng folder...
  3. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded Theme October 2023 Edition

    Xclusiveloaded Theme, October 2023 version is now availability. WHAT'S NEW ● New header menu added. ● 'For You' added in music archive. ● 'For You' option added in dashboard theme panel. ● Minor bugs fixed. PRICE 20k now 10k (new purchase) PURCHASE DM me or join our Telegram channel for...
  4. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded WordPress Theme July 2023 Edition

    The latest Xclusiveloaded WordPress Theme is now available for purchase.. PRICE: 15k now 8k (No Licenced Version) PURCHASE DOWNLOAD THE FREE VERSION https://storefront.com.ng/threads/download-xclusiveloaded-wordpress-theme-for-free.111/ READ INSTRUCTIONS HERE...
  5. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded Theme March 2023 Edition

    Xclusiveloaded theme has been updated for March 2023... UPDATES.. * SEO friendly. * Current Date and Time in Single like Xclusiveloaded. * Current Date and Time in archive like Xclusiveloaded. PRICE.. * 3k PURCHASE Direct message me to purchase.
  6. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded Theme September 2022 Edition

    Xclusiveloaded Theme updated version now available for purchase. NEW FEATURES/ UPDATE 1. SEO improved. 2. Sidebar improved and issues fixed. 3. Supports all colors. 4. Easy to use. You can now change logo, social media links without editing templates. 5. Replace category names and slugs...
  7. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded Wordpress Theme February 2022 Version

    Xclusiveloaded Wordpress theme, February 2022 version is out. This is an updated version of the multi color version, which is available here https://storefront.com.ng/threads/xclusiveloaded-theme-premium-version-multi-colors.170/ MODIFICATIONS This version is an upgrade. * artist single...
  8. Pedro

    Xclusiveloaded Theme Premium Version (Multi Colors)

    Xclusiveloaded Theme Premium Version enables you to change colors easily through the admin dashboard. You can easily change the color of five sections. Both Premium and free versions are the same. The only difference is that you can change colors easily on the Premium version. Recommended for...
  9. Pedro

    Download Xclusiveloaded Wordpress Theme for Free 2021 (Multi Color)

    Xclusiveloaded Theme designed by Pedro is a powerfully featured theme built on the Mh Magazine framework. MH Magazine itself is a high quality theme, used by millions of people across the world. Xclusiveloaded Theme is one of the most sought after Wordpress themes in Nigeria because of its...
  10. Pedro

    Download Xclusiveloaded Wordpress Theme for Free

    Pedro submitted a new resource: Download Xclusiveloaded Loaded Wordpress Theme for Free - Xclusiveloaded Theme designed by Pedro is a powerfully featured theme built on Mh Magazine Read more about this resource...
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