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BREAKING - Shocking: How God us Proff X to expose Crippled Ruth Matthew and vindicate Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin (Watch Video)

BREAKING Shocking: How God us Proff X to expose Crippled Ruth Matthew and vindicate Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin (Watch Video)


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Sep 6, 2021
A physically challenged woman, Ruth Matthew has been caught in the web of protracted lies when she claimed that she took her four sons to Mercy Land Deliverance Church, Warri Delta state and the last one, Testimony mysteriously got missing.

She took the matter to a popular human right activist, Ordinary Ahmed Isah, the owner of Brekete TV where she told the world that the Senior Pastor of Mercy Land Church, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has a hand in the disappearance of his son.

Riddled with inconsistencies, half truths and outright lies, her claim was subjected to scrutiny where the President and Founder of Brekete TV, Ordinary Ahmed Isa discovered that the crippled woman was on a mission to destroy the man of God in what appears to be a sponsored mission.
She claimed that one of the senior sons, Triumph informed her that some women came with Keke NAPEP to pick the allegedly missing son, Testimony at the church gate where they had gone to buy food while she was inside the church premises.
During her earlier television appearance, she did not disclose to Ordinary Ahmed what her son told her about his missing brother, Testimony. She rather insisted that a security officer in the church identified as Juliet held unto her child, a false claim.
Also, in her initial concocted web of falsehood, she did not disclose that she went to the church with an 18-year-old step daughter, making them five, including herself as the sixth person.

The 18-year-old step daughter, considered an adult was said to be present when then the women in Keke NAPEP picked Testimony, the last son, in what appears to be a pre-arranged and rehearsed plan.
When confronted with this fact, she simply said, “I’m sorry for that sir” without putting up any defence to that effect.
As if she had indoctrinated her eldest son, Triumph into her cult of lies, the teenage boy also claimed that the mother’s step daughter did not go to the church with them.
He corroborated her mother’s lies that his younger brother, Testimony actually got mysteriously missing in the church.
She also did not disclose that she sent her sons outside to buy food after the plan to hide her for nefarious purposes were perfected. It was during this time of food buying that her co-criminals took the baby while the senior one returned.
She however became sober when it became clear that she has been caught red handed in her failed mission to malign the man of God.

She also claimed that she paid for her own accommodation outside the Mercy City as the Church is popularly called where she stayed for one week, a claimed later found to be a lie too as Mercy City has befitting accommodation for all its visitors.
Police investigation also revealed that Joy Matthew has strong suspicion that one Emma whom she met at Mercy City is responsible for the disappearance of her child.
Emma was however found in Port Harcourt where he said that he discovered that the crippled woman is not sincere but full of lies and falsehood.
A video of him also emerged where he was accusing the woman of hiding her child under the pretence that she is owing N950,000 to her rice business partners and house rent as well, a situation that has left her running helter-skelter for help as her creditors are on her neck.
It was on the strength of this, according to Emma’s video that the crippled woman want to Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin to help her settle her debts but in a criminal manner.
According to Emma, the crippled woman also told him that she knows the women that took her son Testimony, a situation that got him infuriated, since she was aware of where her child is while at the same time subjecting people to the task of looking for who is not missing.
Emma also said he over heard Mrs. Matthew telling another person that they (custodians) must bring back her child because that was not the initial arrangement, meaning that she knows where her son is.
He insisted that the woman knows what she is doing and that her child is not missing.

He said he was sympathetic to her as a crippled person which made him assist her, carrying her at his back at some occasions.
A statement from Emma further reveals that the 18-year-old step daughter confirmed that the crippled woman intentionally sent her child to go with the women in Keke NAPEP who took him away after the deal was arranged.
He advised her to devise another means to get money to settle her debt instead of her false claims that her child got missing at Mercy City.
Investigation however revealed that Prophet Fufeyin has not met the woman in question as he would have helped her, just like he doles out millions of Naira in charity.
She is allegedly being sponsored by some individuals to rubbish the image of Prophet Fufeyin, howbeit in vain.

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