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  • Pedro
    Pedro replied to the thread W3 Total Cache Pro.
    Pedro updated W3 Total Cache Pro with a new update entry: W3 Total Cache Pro v2.7.3 Read the rest of this update entry...
  • H
    Please I need movie website php script
  • Donaspen
  • Pedro
    Pedro updated YOAST SEO - Best Wordpress SEO Plugin with a new update entry: Yoast SEO Premium v22.9 Read the rest of this update...
  • S
    Global Plus Publishing (GPP) a leading printing company in Nigeria has declared its readiness to address capital flight with its latest...
  • V
    Vybe360 NG replied to the thread Topcityvibe Wordpress Theme.
    I hope it works sha
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    vybe360 replied to the thread Trendybeatz WordPress Theme.
    nice clone. big ups
  • V
    vybe360 replied to the thread Download Netnaija Php Script.
    nice one
  • N
    nuhuazizkumurya replied to the thread NaijaPrey Desktop Theme.
    Thanks for sharing@pedro but why always say paid
  • F
    festusallasseh replied to the thread NaijaPrey Desktop Theme.
    Cool theme
  • chingle5
    Thank you very much Admin 🙏
  • Pedro
    It has been removed. Thank you for drawing my attention to it. He said he no longer maintains the free version. For this reason, it's...
  • Pedro
    Paid resource is an advert. You can't advertise for free here. If you'll no longer maintain the free version, it'll be removed. See my...
  • Pedro
    The initial one was downloaded to check for virus on VirusTotal. Of course, ALL resources shared here are first downloaded and subjected...
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  • Henryoko
    The issue here is.. the Google drive in question is not ours. Our team have investigated the script and alot of changes we found. It...
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  • Henryoko
    We can't!! because GooCredit is Premium Paid for script. Of which We have changed it on this platform since April. Please remove the...
  • Pedro
    The script on Google Drive is the exact one you shared. I uploaded it there myself after you switched to paid. I issued a warning after...
  • Pedro
    @Henryoko, will you provide the updates for free like you did for the one I approved? If not, let me know so I'll remove this as it...
  • Henryoko
    All our spirit are well secured.. i try downloading the one you posted on Google drive.. but i realise some anomalies. As much as we...
  • Pedro
    Changing a free resource to premium on your site after you've been approved is deceptive and against the procedure here. Any resource...
  • Henryoko
    No.. You should know, when anyone successfully have a script, it can be written!! Thats what most developers do.. that is why when...
  • Pedro
    You removed the free version link and replaced it with a paid one after I've approved the previous free link. It's against the procedure...
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  • Henryoko
    This have been changed by the admin. Since we changed the download. To get a GooCredit Script visit
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